The QR Code Revolution Starts Now: Laser Flyersin Action


Of the many benefits associated with MOBILE PHONE USAGE, one advantage is clear: We combine the efficacy of QR codes with the power of social media, the viral force of Facebook and the ability to exponentially expand a brand’s influence. This strength, which empowers individuals to spread the word about a featured business, is innovative, direct and effective. Compare this form of interactive engagement – a way for consumers and businesses to come together – with more traditional and passive ways of promotion. That old approach, where companies would spend considerable amounts of money with questionable returns on investment (ROI), is neither practical nor sustainable over the course of several months or years.


Laser Flyers™ takes a more targeted, scientific outlook concerning these maters, since our proprietary technology integrates new media. And, with hundreds of millions of users actively embracing this destination, Facebook is a natural complement to the goals affiliated with Laser Flyers™: conversation, involvement, awareness, increased sales and enhanced consumer loyalty. These rewards originate from harnessing Laser Flyers™. With these options, individuals and businesses have a new way to come together. Welcome to the new Laser Flyers™ QR code revolution.


Grow your business with Laser Flyers™ code


Nowadays, most of the businessmen are choosing the option of Internet marketing. They feel that it is the best way to earn more profit. Surprisingly, innovation of the QR code has made things easier for the businessmen. QR stands for Quick Response. These days this code is considered to be the most effective tool for Internet marketing, because it is helping the businessmen to reach their message to a wide number of audiences. This code is the exclusive method of increasing your Facebook likes and helping you to create a strong database for your business. Once the visitors have scanned your code and visited your site, their email id will be saved in your account. This code can also increase the number of clients by collecting the contact information from the sources like credit cards, etc.


If you are interested in creating QR codes then reaching Laser Flyers™ will be meaningful. It takes hardly few minutes to convert you offers into Laser Flyers™ codes. At Laser Flyers™, you can enjoy the option of free trial. The trial period lasts for thirty days and you can make one Mobile Site. Counting day starts once you have set up your first campaign. They offer three kinds of plans and it includes silver, gold and platinum plans. Each provides different services. But using any of these plans would help you to make your own coupon codes and with this, QR code will be generated instantly. Additionally, email addresses will be saved automatically and offers will be passed to the email addresses. These are the same benefits to be enjoyed by all the plans.


The platinum plan contains more options and it costs $. If, you pick up this plan then it post the offers on the walls of customers in Facebook. Silver plan and gold plan does not have this benefit. In short, we can say that Laser Flyers™ means that if, more participation is being done, then more email addresses can be collected and likings on the Facebook can also be increased. Thus, we can conclude that it is also helping the businessmen to create a link between the customers and the businessman.

Laser Flyers™ and Economic Excellence: Innovative Technology in a Global Economy


As companies continue to face the challenges of economic uncertainty, innovation is now absolutely essential. And that sense of creativeness and engagement starts with technology that brings people together: a catalyst for communication and the free exchange of ideas, where businesses can increase their visibility online (particularly on Facebook) and attract new customers. Accomplishing that goal starts with the right application – a tool that harnesses the power of QR codes, while introducing a new element of “participatory marketing” – something that makes it easy for companies and customers to unite. Laser Flyers™ is that application, breakthrough means of exponentially increasing he way brands interact with the very people who can popularize a product or service through the power of social media. These benefits, which apply to all industries, underscore an even greater point: That businesses can succeed – they must prosper – despite the regional, national or international economic obstacles they face. In fact, the overall anemic economy should motivate companies to rethink the way they use QR codes and social media to increase sales and recognition.


Laser Flyers™ is the response, therefore, to a simple question: How can a business combines QR marketing codes with the influence of Facebook, and see become more competitive without spending enormous amount of money on traditional forms of promotion? The answer to that question is Laser Flyers, which bridges the gap between convention uses of QR marketing codes and incorporates the efficacy of Facebook. More to the point, we understand, in a way that continues to befuddle other businesses, the importance of Facebook as a means of reinforcing communication and acquiring new customers. Think of this phenomenon as a viral wave of enthusiasm among consumers for any number of companies, products or services. With Laser Flyers™, we need not worry about he background noise of the economy.


Social Media and Consumer Engagement: Transforming the Use of QR Codes


One of the recurring themes of this blog is this blog is the value of engaging consumers through the use QR marketing codes and social media. Concerning the latter, which is far more than a venue for recreational fun, this tool (and Facebook in particular) allows people to spread the word about noteworthy businesses, which include bars, restaurants, hotels, independent stores and other sundry products and services. The viral nature of this communication, which starts with Laser Flyers™, gives a company far greater influence – and credibility – than passive (but expensive) forms of promotion. For example: traditional advertising does generate instant engagement, or even give people a means to communicate with current or prospective customers; it seeks to build “awareness,” while yielding few if any quantifiable results.


Yes, people may see a company’s billboard or print ad or TV commercial, but this has limited connection to social media. The question, therefore, remains: How can a business use a proven resource (QR marketing codes) with the viral power of social media? Laser Flyers™ is the answer to that question. Our newly launched application is both effective and revolutionary because – and we write these words based on facts, not any braggadocio – we deliver. Period. We enable people to create a viral phenomenon, through Facebook, where incentives and transparency are supreme. That form of marketing, which empowers business of all sizes, is a necessity in this new world of creative outreach. By these standards, Laser Flyers is the gateway to an exciting period of interactive conversation and enlightenment. The future looks very bright, indeed.


Transcending the Traditional: Using Laser Flyers™ as a Catalyst for Increased Visibility


QR marketing codes have an established history, but they need to be part of a broader conversation – literally and figuratively – with the world. Without that next step, without the use of a new medium like Facebook to enhance the power of QR marketing codes, then businesses cannot achieve the sort of viral success that makes the Internet so powerful. Remember: companies, both large and small, want to retain and attract new customers. The challenge for these businesses rests with finding a way to make customers – the people with the credibility and passion to promote the things they enjoy – an integral part of this campaign. Facebook is the platform for that conversation – there are, after all, over 800 million users of the site – but Laser Flyers™ is the application that initiates that discussion.


The innovation we provide, the means by which we give consumers an opportunity to popularize any number of products and services, is an effective and affordable alternative to the status quo. And the status quo, which relies heavily on conventional advertising and other expensive forms of promotion, cannot survive. Business owners want to use new technology and innovative applications to generate sales, something a general ad campaign or series of TV commercials may not easily (or affordably) accomplish. Think of Laser Flyers™ as an application that democratizes the use of marketing QR codes through the viral power of Facebook. This approach – a series of tactics that, quite candidly, work impressively well – is a way for companies to exponentially increase their presence online. The final results – enhanced outreach to current and prospective customers, increased knowledge about a specific brand and the free exchange of information – are a testament to the very existence of Laser Flyers™. This summons to action should inspire everyone – business owners and customers alike – to join this discussion. Success awaits the new world of digital marketing.


Facebook Is the Present and Our Future, Or: The Way Laser Flyers Works


Laser Flyers™ is a natural complement to Facebook for a simple reason: it works. That is, we respect the inherent power of new media – social media, in particular – which continues to act as a digital community for a diverse array of individuals and businesses: an online destination where people express their interests, for brands, companies, and products and services, while also absorbing breaking news, recommendations from friends and information about a variety of sundry topics. With the debut of Laser Flyers™, business owners now have an opportunity to use an existing technology (QR marketing codes) in furtherance of another powerful means of mass communication — Facebook. The union of these two forces is the result of our commitment to innovation and excellence, a combination that is a summons to action, for both business owners and consumers.

By taking the lead on this front, by transforming the way businesses use social media and the manner by which consumers communicate with each other, Laser Flyers™ is at the forefront of a new communications revolution — a milestone where companies can exponentially expand their reach, build credibility with key constituencies and forgo the expensive costs of traditional forms of promotion. These benefits are yet another example of the exciting changes afoot in the world of digital marketing. Or, put a different way: Laser Flyers™ welcomes the opportunity to give business owners the chance to inaugurate a new era – a digital one – where outreach is novel, effective and even inspiring. These strengths are cause for celebration. Now is the time to act.


Laser Flyers™ and the Real Estate Industry: Success for Brokers and Agents


Laser Flyers™ is at the forefront of digital marketing for a reason: as a breakthrough application, Laser Flyers™ transforms the way brands maximize their visibility (and potentially exponential growth) on Facebook. This rule has added importance for the real estate industry, where brokers and agents seek to transcend conventional means of promotion. Our column in Realty Times, which is an essential reference for residential and commercial agents throughout North America, makes this point clear.


We explain the many benefits of Laser Flyers™, backed by practical examples of the viral power of friends sharing information on Facebook about, say, an individual real estate agent or broker. That strategy, pioneered by Laser Flyers™, is a far more effective – and affordable – means of reaching targeted buyers and sellers than costly alternatives such as: billboards, bench ads, TV commercials, flyers, inserts and other promotional pieces.


The problem with those hit-or-miss tactics is that, unlike Laser Flyers™, they often do not work and further complicate an already difficult situation. In comparison, Laser Flyers™ is the answer to a question every real estate professional should ask him or herself: How can I create a viral phenomenon, in which people (and their friends) share information about my product or services on Facebook? Laser Flyers™ is the means to achieving that goal, the result of extensive research and development by a team of digital marketing experts who want to empower a variety of clients and industries.


Laser Flyers™ is at the forefront of popularizing this union between QR marketing codes and social media because, as the evidence itself confirms, real estate agents and brokers deserve a better way of generating and sustaining favorable exposure. These suggestions reflect the wisdom of the leaders responsible for Laser Flyers™ marketers who want to educate and empower individuals in a variety of businesses. Now is the time for us to seize this summons to action.


Laser Flyers™ and Facebook, Or: The Viral Phenomenon of Digital Marketing


As we like to remind readers, Facebook is neither a fad nor an ill-conceived platform for personal gossip. It is, instead, the principal means by which people receive breaking news, connect (or reconnect) with friends, debate many topics and “Like” their favorite brands, businesses, celebrities and much more. Maximizing that power using Facebook as a way to create viral marketing campaigns – is part of the innovation Laser Flyers™ represents Combine this benefit with the authenticity factor, the ability of Facebook friends to share a common theme, and the results may expand exponentially: individuals can quickly increase a company’s popularity, the awareness concerning a new product or service, or the mainstream acceptance of particular restaurant chain or hotelier.


These examples – and there are many others, in a multitude of industries – are part of a broader point: that Laser Flyers™ is a catalyst, which combines the use of QR marketing codes with the global power of Facebook. This union deserves the label revolutionary because, and this is no exaggeration, Laser Flyers™ is the spark responsible for a potential wave of viral marketing campaigns – a digital environment where shared communication is the “currency of credibility,” the source through which people learn more about a business, product or service.


Think of Laser Flyers™ as a significant milestone in the field of digital marketing, an application with the ability to jumpstart the next era in the union between communication in general and social media in particular. This bond is the gateway to a world of intelligent outreach and wise leadership. Welcome to the future.

The Power of Laser Flyers™ Exponential Growth and Positive Exposure


QR marketing codes need to be part of the dynamic world of new technology, where social media is a critical component in the way brands and businesses reach consumers. This point is obvious, certainly, but it requires a bridge – and application – to link QR marketing techniques with, say, the influence of Facebook. Laser Flyers™ is the solution to this situation, a way to generate attention, create viral marketing campaigns and inaugurate another chapter in the ongoing conversation people have about the things they enjoy.


It is this philosophy – that Laser Flyers™ can be the gateway to 800 million Facebook members, a global community of consumers, activists, volunteers and brand ambassadors – that deserves greater attention. As innovators in the field of digital marketing, we know (and our successes prove) that Laser flyers™ has the potential to help a diverse array of businesses in the quest to go viral: to have people engaged in an exciting – and informative – conversation about businesses they like.


Compare this pursuit of excellence with the status quo, where too many companies rely on ineffective, costly tactics that neither promote awareness nor generate sales. In contrast, Laser flyers™ is the future of targeted and affordable digital marketing; it is, in short, the culmination of extensive research and development, a project undertaken with grand ambition and equally inspiring results.


By these standards, Laser Flyers™ is an application worthy of widespread adoption and celebration. For the key to the sort of lively back-and-forth with consumers – among the people who make Facebook a global community – is this: conversation. Let that discussion begin!


Laser Flyers™ and the Real Estate Industry: Part Two


Laser Flyers™ has an important column in Realty Times, which addresses the importance of new brands of digital marketing. This column, referenced in an earlier post about the changing environment of the real estate industry, is essential reading for all real estate professionals: brokers, agents, landlords, tenants, developers, bankers and others who play a part in this vast industry. The point is that, thanks to Laser Flyers™, these individuals now have an opportunity – an important one – to combine the power of QR marketing codes (for housing listings, rentals and broker profiles) with the influence of Facebook.


This point – that Facebook is the path to a new (and exciting) world of social media – is critical because, with Laser Flyers™, realtors have a chance to redefine their relationship with current and potential clients. This opportunity, which is a pathway for exponential exposure on Facebook, is an intelligent, effective and affordable way to transform the way real estate professionals interact with their respective communities.


Remember, communication is the essence of any business – the ability to successfully express and share ideas with relevant consumers – and technology must adapt to these circumstances. With Laser Flyers™, we make this process simple and successful; our work saves others the time – and work – of learning the intricacies of digital marketing, programming or other complicated disciplines.


Our comments will convey these principles with clarity and logic. For Laser Flyers™ is the way forward, a blueprint for realtors to follow and share with their friends, colleagues and clients. That formula is both practical and wise. It is, in short, our present and future.


The Laser Flyers™ Connection: Changing the World of Digital Marketing


Laser Flyers™ enjoys praise from a variety of journalists and media outlets because our founding principles are both intelligent and innovative. These words are not an act of self-promotion or congratulatory rhetoric on our part. Rather, we invest the time and resources – along with the intellectual capital – to create applications that transform the field of digital marketing. Laser Flyers™ is the culmination of these efforts, a gateway to viral marketing success through Facebook.


This transformation in communication – a breakthrough symbolized by the rise of

Laser Flyers™ – is a boon for everyone. Industries and entrepreneurs can all benefit from this new approach towards engaging consumers, sharing information, empowering friends (thanks to Facebook) and giving businesses, both large and a small, a chance – a real opportunity – to prosper. Consider Laser Flyers™ our contribution to brand engagement, to the sort of participatory marketing the Internet fosters and Facebook encourages. These strengths are the essence of

Laser Flyers™, something worthy of celebration and adoption. Now is the time to forever change the world of digital marketing.


Innovation from Laser Flyers™ Harnessing the Influence of Social Media


Laser flyers™ is, as our readers know, an essential application, which gives businesses the chance to fully embrace the power of social media. As advocates of change – as innovators within the field of digital marketing – we give consumers, the very people who have the credibility and influence to enhance a brand’s visibility online, the ability to transform the use of QR marketing codes. Put another way, we make people the brand evangelists they can and should be.


This feat is the result of experience and wisdom, complemented by research and development by our team of distinguished professionals. For we understand the changing nature of digital marketing, the manner in which QR codes must evolve and the tools through which businesses must expand online. Couple these facts with the flexibility to create bona fide viral marketing campaigns, and everything – yes, everything – becomes more interactive and powerful.


This sort of online conversation amongst Facebook friends, where people share and like featured products and services, is a roadmap for success. Think of this approach as a reminder that innovation is the source of longevity in the marketplace, a willingness to entertain and embrace new ideas. By that definition, Laser Flyers™ is the model of success for digital marketing and companies around the world.


Excellence from Laser Flyers™ Launching Viral Marketing Campaigns


Laser Flyers Viral™ is a must-have application, a tool that empowers business owners and enables consumers to give voice to a new phenomenon in digital marketing. This ability to “go viral,” a chance to exponentially increase a brand’s presence on Facebook, represents a new chapter involving the use of QR codes. We give people the ability to promoters of the products and services they respect and admire.


This advantage is the result of our extensive research and development, backed by our commitment to excellence in the field of digital marketing. For we understand the necessity of making QR codes more influential and effective. These facts – and there is no dispute about the truth of the matter – leads to one conclusion: that widespread use of Laser Flyers Viral™ can – and will – transform the world of online marketing, benefitting a variety of industries worldwide.


Creating this conversation on Facebook, an organic expression of support among friends and colleagues is further proof of a brand’s connection with its target audience. Achieving that goal starts with Laser Flyers Viral™, a catalyst for growth, leadership, and credibility among discerning consumers.


This approach is a reminder that innovation is the key to brand identity, recognition in the marketplace, and respect among a diverse array of consumers. By these standards, Laser Flyers Viral™ is a symbol worth praise and adoption worldwide.


Laser Flyers and Entrepreneurs: Making QR Marketing Codes More Effective


Entrepreneurs who use QR marketing codes need to more effectively reach their respective consumers. This point has added urgency during the holiday season, as business owners – both large and small – seek to develop more creative and successful ways to engage individuals. These so-called “brand evangelists” have great influence within the world of social media in general and Facebook in particular, where messages can spread quickly and expand exponentially. Laser Flyers Viral™ plays a critical role in this strategy, because, as a tool that transforms the use of QR codes, companies now have a chance to “go viral” – a positive means to create change, increase visibility, attract new customers and make better use of various promotional efforts.


Laser Flyers Viral™ is the solution to this quest for excellence because our commitment to research and development is the foundation of our success. Our professionals have the technical expertise and industry knowledge to establish a breakthrough in the use of QR codes, a gateway to accessing the true potential of new technology. The achievements that ensue from this work, which are quick, measurable, and affordable, are further evidence of the integrity of Laser Flyers. We believe that establishing a conversation with consumers – empowering the very people responsible for a brand’s success and favorable name recognition – starts with a more intelligent approach to using QR codes.


This point is an important one because it is a powerful contrast from traditional forms of marketing, which rely heavily on things like print ads, TV spots, radio commercials, billboards, and flyers. Those tactics are expensive, diffuse, often difficult if not impossible to evaluate, and do not directly connect with consumers who use Facebook or other relevant sites. Laser Flyers Viral™ is, thus, a clear alternative to the status quo, which relies on flawed marketing techniques and costly advertising campaigns.


This shift towards the independence of Laser Flyers Viral™ is an event worthy of attention, for it symbolizes the value of viral marketing and participation among consumers. That blueprint is a way forward, a path to increased revenues, strengthened recognition, and renewed optimism. Laser Flyers Viral™ is the answer we need and the solution businesses desire.


Viral Marketing from Laser Flyers™ the Voice of Millions of Consumers


Giving voice to millions of consumers is a worthy undertaking, a mission that requires the right tools and oversight. In the world of promotions and the use of QR marketing codes, this undertaking demands an innovative solution. Laser Flyers™ is the answer to this challenge, which allows companies to “go viral” and maximize their presence on Facebook.


By transforming the way companies and consumers use QR codes, and through our proven record of excellence within the field of digital marketing, Laser Flyers™ is a solution that offers businesses the credibility they need among the consumers they most respect. Increased use of Laser Flyers™ also leads to a worldwide phenomenon, on Facebook, where friends can popularize specific brands and establish a viral phenomenon.


Laser Flyers™ is at the center of this achievement, constituting an organic display of solidarity on behalf of a featured business or promotion. We seek to engage consumers, and thus empower business owners, with an intelligent – and distinctive – approach involving QR codes. That approach is a clear alternative to the status quo and expensive marketing campaigns. By those criteria, Laser Flyers™ is an undeniable for change, enhanced brand recognition, participatory marketing, and overall excellence. Let us continue this pursuit of excellence!


Strengthening Consumer Products with Laser Flyers™ Encouraging Social Involvement


Consumer brands are forever on a quest to engage with the public, increase awareness, enhance sales and enjoy a competitive advantage. Many of these businesses are household names, spending lavishly on sponsorships, promotional campaigns, aggressive TV commercials, radio spots, and print ads. And yet, it is difficult, if not impossible, to measure the effectiveness of these efforts; for these tactics promise to generate visibility, while making no such similar claims for success within the world of social media. Bottom line: these companies, many of whom use QR marketing codes, have no strategy for maximizing the power of Facebook or the viral influence of individual customers.


Laser Flyers™ changes this dynamic by energizing the interests and credibility of consumers, people who can – and will – spread the word about a specific product or service on Facebook. These individuals act as a bridge between an existing QR code and the broader world of social media, where each Facebook “Like” can reach an ever-expanding audience of like-minded consumers, friends, colleagues and

Acquaintances. This form of engagement is a far more intelligent and affordable way to channel the undeniable influence – and sheer responsiveness (among users) – of Facebook.


Think of Laser Flyers™ as a new milestone in the pursuit of marketing excellence, where companies can better use QR codes to initiate and maintain relationships with consumers worldwide. That level of interaction, which is the result of careful testing and constant refinement by a distinguished team of digital marketers, is a highlight – one of many – responsible for the success of Laser Flyers™. Consumer brands should heed this advice since it gives them an opportunity to build a more solid connection with individuals and retailers alike.


This blueprint for success begins with Laser Flyers™. Let us move forward with renewed purpose and heightened optimism, for the future of marketing looks exciting and profitable for everyone.


Laser Flyers™ for Mobile Marketers: A New Way to Enhance the Power of QR Codes


Laser Flyers™ has a forthcoming column in Mobile Marketer, where we address the necessity of more effectively using QR codes. Among this sophisticated audience of business professionals, our recommendations should attract a lot of attention because they articulate the need to link QR codes with the power of social media in general and Facebook in particular. This article is our appeal to fellow marketers – a summons to action – that allows companies to establish (or strengthen) their presence among the very people who can create a viral phenomenon online.


The point of the article, which complements a theme we emphasize repeatedly in this blog and elsewhere, is that Laser Flyers™ is the catalyst responsible for bridging the gap between the traditional use of QR codes and the more dynamic, interactive, and quantifiable world of Facebook. In that environment, viral marketing campaigns can flourish, aided by the credibility of Facebook friends and colleagues who share a common goal: The free exchange of information, for the betterment of consumers and companies alike.


This column from Laser Flyers™ is a must-read primer for anyone with an interest in technology, communications, marketing, and the factors responsible for business success. With the right direction, companies can enjoy these benefits. The onus is now on marketers to apply these principles with care and enthusiasm. The rewards will be the ultimate testament to a new era of digital marketing, thanks to Laser Flyers™.


Exponential Growth from Laser Flyers™ Online Credibility and Digital Influence


Facebook is the medium for 800 million people worldwide, a global community of users with a multitude of interests, ideas, updates, and other sundry desires. Channeling these individuals on behalf of a specific business, product or service is the new marketing challenge of the present and future. For companies that use QR marketing codes, it is imperative to both recognize and acts upon this fact (that Facebook is a destination for a variety of consumers, all of whom can popularize a particular issue). Laser Flyers™ is, thus, an essential application for uniting these two groups.


Backed by our thorough knowledge of the true power of QR codes, along with the guidance of digital marketing experts who understand the dynamic nature of new technology, Laser Flyers™ is the finest example of innovation on behalf of both companies and consumers. This freedom to “go viral” allows individuals – all the simplicity of a Facebook “Like” – to propel a brand to new heights of influence and respect.


Laser Flyers™ accomplishes these goals with consistency, ease-of-use, and a clear contrast to the status quo, which relies too heavily on expensive (and difficult to measure) tactics that fail to achieve their intended results. This new chapter in marketing – an era of collaboration and instant feedback – is the essence of Laser Flyers™, which itself is an example of success-through-research. Meaning: we want companies to enjoy the chance to have exponential growth (on Facebook) –and we will guide businesses to that point.


The Unity Between Consumer Brands and Laser Flyers™ More Effective Use of Social Media and Facebook


As we continue to remind readers, consumer brands have a unique responsibility to achieve recognition and attract consumers. Many companies rely on a variety of marketing tactics to further this goal. From running expensive TV commercials to approving lavish print ads to saturating specific areas with billboards and flyers, these practices do not represent a smart, effective or efficient way to generate interest among targeted customers. But many of these businesses also use QR marketing codes, for which Laser Flyers™ can unleash the chance to “go viral” and engage individuals through Facebook.


Think of Laser Flyers™ as a transformative solution, which empowers Facebook friends to become “brand evangelists” who can increase the value of QR codes with the global influence of social media. In this scenario, each Facebook “Like” (for a featured business, product, or service) is the principal way to initiate a viral marketing campaign and exponentially increase a brand’s visibility among tens of thousands of people – and that’s just the start of something even bigger and more impressive.


This form of engagement is both necessary and affordable. Put aside the failed tactics of the past, and embrace the power of Laser Flyers™. The benefits are measurable and available to everyone. Welcome to the new and exciting chapter of digital marketing for consumer brands!


Mobile Marketing Is the Perfect Medium for Laser Flyers™ A Necessity for Business Professionals


For anyone involved in the field of mobile marketing, Laser Flyers™ is a must-have application: it enhances the importance of QR codes and maximizes the global influence of Facebook, establishing a new standard for brand awareness and consumer engagement. Mobile marketers should adopt Laser Flyers™ not simply on our recommendations alone, though we offer our analysis with absolute sincerity, but based on a simple, undeniable fact: that these individuals must have an effective – and affordable – way to launch viral marketing campaigns.


These advantages underscore the value of Laser Flyers™, complemented by its innovative union between QR codes and the global influence of Facebook. Best of all, Laser Flyers™ gives mobile marketers an easy way to measure results and spread the word about featured products, promotions services, discounts, and other relevant information. Bottom line: businesses can quantify the success of their efforts with ease and confidence, something more conventional forms of marketing do not (and often cannot) provide.


Laser Flyers™ is a resource for mobile marketers, which we believe will harness the power of Facebook and introduce a new era in the field of digital marketing. These facts warrant the support of the very people who rely on marketing as the chief means of building awareness and driving sales. With Laser Flyers™, the future is bright, indeed.


Exponential Results and Viral Marketing Campaigns: Laser Flyers™ and the New World of Social Media


Laser Flyers™ is a reminder – a powerful one – that Facebook is the ultimate online global community, a destination for 800 million people to exchange information, share news about their favorite products or services, post updates about breaking news, and indulge in the rewards of this exciting form of social media. Thus, Laser Flyers™ is a necessary application, which gives people a voice, all through the use of a Facebook “Like,” to create viral marketing campaigns and foster greater customer loyalty.


These results are a testament to the hard work and knowledge of digital marketing experts, the professionals responsible for the success of Laser Flyers™. This application is a symbol of a new era in the field of online marketing, a more effective, efficient, and affordable way to reach – and measure the success of – campaigns that seek to attract people of all interests, throughout the globe.


This form of participatory marketing is a hallmark of the way Laser Flyers™ unifies QR codes with the worldwide influence of Facebook. This exchange of information is the cornerstone of building brand awareness and attracting legions of new customers. These benefits are a catalyst for business owners and marketers to rethink the status quo, and for them – and the public at large – to adopt something better. Laser Flyers™ is the solution we all deserve.


Laser Flyers™ and Successful Entrepreneurs: Identifying and Empowering Consumers


Small business owners are a critical component of the economy and the long-term success of any country. Their eagerness to try innovative marketing techniques, including new and more effective ways to use QR codes, is the ultimate form of proof that the status quo is too rigid and ineffective. In contrast, many entrepreneurs recognize that social media is (or should be) a cornerstone of any successful brand of outreach. Laser Flyers™ makes this goal a reality by enhancing the influence of Facebook. This newly established bond between consumers who use QR codes the friends and colleagues who are active online is an excellent way to “go viral”: To achieve greater success and attract legions of new supporters.

Laser Flyers™ is itself the result of our own extensive research and development, complemented by a clear mission: to transform the use of QR codes, while simultaneously expanding the number of people involved in this digital conversation and exchange of information.

This blueprint for marketing success is in stark contrast to less powerful forms of promotion, such as TV commercials, radio ads, magazine inserts, pamphlets, billboards, and reams of direct mail. Laser Flyers™ is thus a summons to action – for businesses of all sizes and industries – to look towards the future of something new, something better.

Laser Flyers™ embodies this sense of optimism about the marketing prospects for small business owners and entrepreneurs alike. At this critical moment, there is finally an application that s both affordable and effective. By these standards, Laser Flyers™ is already a winner.


Car Companies and Laser Flyers™ Promotional Outreach with Ease and Success

This Super Bowl Sunday tens of millions of people will watch a series of highly-priced TV commercials for a variety of products and services, with auto companies leading the way with slick ads and other short-lived gimmicks. The more important issue is whether these car companies, both foreign and domestic, realize these ads are nothing but an indulgence in pure vanity. For, the same brands use less expensive marketing tactics – chief among them, QR codes – that Laser Flyers can augment with the power of social media in general and Facebook in particular.

So yes, enjoy the entertainment value of these commercials; but focus on the power (and affordability) associated with using Facebook “Likes” as a way to build credibility with friends and colleagues around the world. Laser Flyers accomplishes that goal with ease, creating viral marketing campaigns that exponentially expand a company’s influence with the very people – the car aficionados and automotive critics – who can create genuine buzz.

Laser Flyers accomplishes these tasks and more because it is the result of extensive research and development. Simply stated, we believe in transforming the use of digital marketing and popular outreach. This union between QR codes and Facebook marks the next great era in communications. Now, that is cause for celebration on this festive day of football and fun.


Transforming Consumer Brands with the Innovative Power of Laser Flyers: Augmenting the Value of Facebook is a bona fide winner


Consumer Brands and the Use of Laser Flyers for Marketing Success.

Consumer brands, as we like to remind readers, depend on marketing for awareness, public engagement, and positive feedback. The problem, of course, rests with the tactics these companies use to build that recognition. Too often, these brands rely on expensive – and ineffective – forms of outreach like TV commercials, print ads, flyers, radio spots, and other costly sponsorships. A more successful type of marketing for these brands – particularly the ones that heavily use QR codes – is Laser Flyers Viral™: an innovative resource that harnesses the power of Facebook “Likes,” enabling companies to exponentially expand their reach among people around the world.

Laser Flyers Viral™ is that critical resource that gives these brands the opportunity to “go viral,” to achieve a degree of influence otherwise unavailable or too expensive to replicate with conventional marketing techniques. These benefits are real, measurable and the ultimate return on investment. In fact, Laser Flyers Viral™ is the start of a new era in digital marketing – a period of rapid growth, enthusiasm from consumers, and great technology.

These strategic advantages warrant celebration, for we give consumer brands a more focused and effective approach to marketing. These strengths are the foundation of our commitment to excellence.


Mobile Marketing and the Power and Credibility of Laser FlyersA Must-Have Resource for Businesses


Mobile marketing is one of the ultimate forms of outreach, a necessity for business professionals who want to engage consumers through the use of, say, QR codes and social media. Thankfully, Laser Flyers Viral™ unites these two forces, transforming the former while enhancing the latter: a new way to reach a global audience of consumers with ease, affordability, and measurable results. In fact, Laser Flyers Viral™ is the ultimate symbol of this pursuit of excellence – the foundation for viral marketing success – where companies and their respective executives can quantify their achievements and avoid the costly mistakes associated with conventional forms of marketing.

These benefits enhance the value of Facebook “Likes,” while also jump-starting attention and conversation among friends and colleagues around the world. More to the point, Laser Flyers Viral™ is a must-have resource for any marketing professional who wants to increase a brand’s credibility and acceptance among key constituencies.

Judged by these criteria, Laser Flyers Viral™ is a winner, period. That success is worthy of celebration and respect. The next chapter in mobile marketing is here!

Transforming Consumer Brands with the Innovative Power of Laser Flyers: Augmenting the Value of Facebook is a bona fide winner.


Laser Flyers Increases the Reach of Mobile Marketing: An Asset for Companies and All Industries. With Laser Flyers Viral™, mobile marketers can increase their use of QR codes, improve their visibility (for their respective brands), quantify their success, and run specific promotions, discounts, and other deals. Simply stated, this innovative application gives businesses the convenience and effectiveness they want and deserve – something competing alternatives lacks or inadequately match.

Laser Flyers Viral™ is a go-to resource for mobile marketers, which we believe will further transform the influence of Facebook and begin a new chapter in the field of digital marketing. These facts call for renewed attention from individuals and companies who rely on marketing as the chief means of creating awareness and broadening sales. With Laser Flyers Viral™, success is a milestone worth celebrating.


Consumer Brands Need Laser FlyersUnity with the Influence of Social Media


Consumer brands, as a matter of course, require recognition and a way to beat the competition. Some of the companies responsible for these brands spend lavishly on conventional forms of promotion, including TV commercials, multipage magazine ads, radio spots, and saturation of billboards. But it is challenging, to say the least, to accurately quantify the success of these campaigns. And many of these same businesses use QR marketing codes while ignoring the importance of Facebook and the need to engage consumers online.


Laser Flyers Viral™ is a marked shift away from this broken model of marketing because it empowers consumers; it makes it easy for people to popularize a specific product or company on Facebook. These “brand evangelists” unify the use of QR codes with the more expansive influence of Facebook, where each “Like” can target a group of like-minded equally important friends, colleagues, associates, and supporters. This formula for success is the chief means of “going viral,” a way to exponentially – and affordably – increase a brand’s reach within the world of social media.


This degree of involvement distinguishes Laser Flyers Viral™ as an innovative application for any number of businesses. That fact, and it is an essential one, is the reason why Laser Flyers Viral™ can transform the use of QR codes, gives heightened visibility to many consumer brands, and provide savings to businesses worldwide. Those benefits are too important to dismiss or overlook. Now is the time for action.


Laser Flyersand Mobile Marketing: The Next Chapter in Digital Marketing


Laser Flyers Viral™ must be an integral part of any mobile marketing campaign. This audience consists of business professionals who already understand, albeit separately, the value of QR codes and the global influence of Facebook. Our point is thus quite clear: mobile marketers must strengthen the connection between these two resources, thus creating the foundation for a viral phenomenon and a business success story.


These factors serve as a reminder of the worth of Laser Flyers™, which can unify the otherwise distinct uses of QR codes and social media. But, and this is where Laser flyers™ is a truly innovative tool that deserves critical and commercial acclaim, there is a convenient and quantifiable means of building viral marketing campaigns: a blueprint that empowers Facebook friends and colleagues while providing noteworthy information about featured companies, products, and services.


In this regard, Laser Flyers™ is an ally for any global marketing expert. The advantages we provide, coupled with the credibility we bestow through our unique combination of online influence and ease-of-use, represent the next chapter – a bright one, indeed – for digital marketing. These benefits deserve the attention and respect of mobile marketers throughout the world.


Going Viral with Laser FlyersIncreasing the Value and Reach of QR Marketing Codes


Laser Flyers™ is by its very existence, proof of the global influence of Facebook: a destination for 800 people worldwide, a community for an incredibly diverse array of individuals, interests, discussions, news, and lively conversation. For businesses that use QR marketing codes and want to join this new world of social media, Laser Flyers™ is an essential application – the one tool that empowers people, all the use of a Facebook “Like,” to send businesses to unprecedented levels of influence, success and credibility.


These goals are impressive, indeed, but they reflect the extensive research and development of proven digital market experts. These professionals are the ones responsible for the rise of Laser Flyers™, an innovative tool that far exceeds conventional forms of promotion – and delivers quantifiable results at an affordable price. Those advantages appeal to all industries, regardless of size or name recognition.


Laser Flyers™ is, in many respects, the beginning of a new era in the field of digital marketing: a period where consumers will have greater influence, companies will have a stronger presence on Facebook and everyone – from individual customers to established brands – will have an opportunity to join a fruitful exchange of ideas and information. All of these successes begin with Laser Flyers™. Let this moment of excitement begin – now!


Laser Flyersand the Ambitions of Small Business Owners: Creating Loyal Supporters


Entrepreneurs and small business owners are the lifeblood of the economy. These individuals are also the most open to innovative marketing techniques and more effective forms of promotion. Among those who use QR codes, there is agreement that the status quo, passive acceptance of current forms of engagement (or non-engagement, to be precise), is unacceptable: that there should be a way for brands to “go viral” through the power of Facebook. Laser Flyers™ makes this goal – the union between consumers who use QR codes and the broader world of social media – a reality. The results are easy to measure and affordable to implement, the ultimate way to create a new legion of loyal supporters online.


In addition, Laser Flyers™ reflects the extensive research and development of highly qualified digital marketing experts. These professionals have a sophisticated understanding of the global influence of Facebook, where people can share information and showcase their interest in a featured company, product, or service.


This formula for action is a clear alternative to conventional types of marketing, which include: TV commercials, radio ads, magazine inserts, pamphlets, billboards, and other sundry tactics. The cost and inefficiency of these programs are a reminder that, again, we need to transform the way we connect with customers. Laser Flyers™ achieves that mission by bringing QR codes and Facebook together, a resource that appeals to any business, individual, industry, or manufacturer.


This dedication is a hallmark of the success of Laser flyers™. The results speak for themselves, inaugurating a new standard of excellence for digital marketing and online promotions. These benefits will continue to attract more business owners while earning the respect and praise of critics worldwide.


Laser Flyersand Innovative Entrepreneurs: Acquiring Supporters and Credibility


Entrepreneurs are, by their willpower and ambition, individuals who value innovation. For these business owners, particularly those who use QR codes, the need to engage with consumers is essential. The dialogue between the two – the conversational give-and-take between these two groups – is now both an opportunity and a necessity. There is, finally, a way for entrepreneurs to make their brands “go viral,” thus harnessing the power of social media in general and Facebook in particular. Laser Flyers™ is the answer to this situation, a means to generate enthusiasm among customers with measurable results that are neither costly to create nor difficult to maintain.


In fact, Laser Flyers™ symbolizes the intelligence and determination of proven digital marketing experts. These individuals understand the power of Facebook as a forum for rapid change and breaking news, where participatory marketing creates an ongoing relationship between companies and consumers alike.


This blueprint for success is a far better alternative to more traditional types of marketing such as magazines and newspapers ads, TV commercials, billboards, radio sponsorships, flyers, and other types of inserts. The drawback with these things is their (at best) sporadic rate of success. Laser Flyers™, on the other hand, establishes unity between QR codes and Facebook – the ultimate link that every business, regardless of size or specialty, needs.


This commitment to success is at the core of Laser Flyers™. By fostering greater brand awareness and improved loyalty among consumers, Laser Flyers™ is a triumph of digital marketing. These standards are the new guide for achievement online. Period.


Laser Flyers™ and the Value of Mobile Marketing: A Pathway to More Effective Communications


Mobile marketing is a dynamic industry, characterized by a quest for innovation and success. Nowhere is that point more evident than in the use of QR codes, which is a laboratory for improvement and an enhanced relationship between companies and consumers. Laser Flyers™ is the catalyst for this union since it adds tremendous value to QR codes and harnesses the global influence of Facebook. These advantages are the basis for creating affordable – and effective – viral marketing campaigns, which give added credibility to Facebook “Likes” for friends, colleagues, and other sources of influence.

These rewards represent the value of Laser Flyers™, backed by an intelligent embrace of social media in general and Facebook in particular. These benefits give mobile marketing consultants the flexibility they want, along with a solution that can exponentially expand a brand’s reach. No other option compares to this new era of digital outreach and targeted messaging.

Laser Flyers™ is a must-have application for any business with an interest in more accurately refining the art – and science – of marketing. That principle has added importance for the field of mobile marketing, where technology is never immovable or permanent. Let this new chapter in digital marketing start with optimism and great success.

Transforming the Promotion of Consumer Brands with Laser Flyers™ The Effects of Facebook and Social Media


Laser Flyers™ is already a tremendous success and a catalyst for change within an industry that demands excellence. The future belongs to Laser Flyers™ and the betterment of brands around the globe.


Laser Flyers™ and Mobile Marketing: Digital Outreach with Success and Convenience


Laser Flyers™ is the future of digital outreach in general and mobile marketing in particular because of the union between QR codes and social media. More to the point, Laser Flyers™ enhances the power of Facebook “Likes,” which consumers readily click on their smartphones and tablets. This convenience, backed by an affordable and effective way for companies to launch viral marketing campaigns, promises to transform the world of business communications and brand visibility. These benefits are too significant to overlook since everyone – companies and consumers alike – can benefit from this form of mobile marketing.

In fact, Laser Flyers™ is already at the forefront of a movement that promises to change (for the better) the way businesses launch specific branding initiatives and measure the success (in real-time) of these efforts. This revolution – and it is just: a revolution in marketing – will influence the actions of a variety of industries, adding much-improved influence through social media and sites like Facebook.

Laser Flyers™ is the go-to solution for mobile marketers because it adds much-needed value to the use of QR codes. These rewards demand greater attention and respect, for Laser Flyers™ can be a case study of success and widespread adoption. By these criteria, Laser Flyers™ is a boon to mobile marketers worldwide.


Creating Viral Marketing Campaigns with Laser Flyers™ Increasing the Value and Importance of Facebook

Laser Flyers™ is an excellent reminder that social media is the great component – the necessary medium – in the successful use of QR marketing codes. With over 800 million people actively engaged on that site, there is no better example of the global power to exchange information, share links, popularize products, and spread the word about various causes, companies, and campaigns. Laser Flyers™ is the catalyst responsible for accelerating this process, enabling individuals to enhance the value of a Facebook “Like” and establish viral marketing plans that generate tremendous feedback.

Consider this type of participatory marketing to be the first chapter in a new era of digital outreach, where QR codes and social media are part of a combined style of strategic outreach. Laser Flyers™ achieves this mission with ease, consistency, and affordability – an admirable contrast to conventional forms of promotion, which are hit-or-miss and almost always extremely expensive. Companies can also track (in real-time) the success of a particular project and build legions of new customers.

These benefits make Laser Flyers™ the preferred standard for digital marketing and the targeted use of QR codes and Facebook. These rewards will increase, further underscoring the innovative nature of this application and its necessity for companies and consumers alike.


Creating Dynamic Consumer Brands with Laser Flyers™: A Revolution in Social Media


Consumer brands are often pioneers in marketing since their success depends on reaching a broad number of individuals throughout the United States or worldwide. But the tendency to resort to conventional tactics – things like TV commercials, radio spots, magazine ads, billboards, and direct mail campaigns – is a common one, which costs large sums of money. The problem, of course, is that many of these options are hit-or-miss, leaving companies with only a handful of modest successes. A far better way to “go viral” and harness the power of social media (and Facebook, in particular) is with Laser Flyers™.

This transformative solution, which empowers people to become “brand ambassadors,” enables consumers to leverage the power of Facebook “Likes” to increase a brand’s visibility among tens of thousands of individuals. This ability is the foundation for creating exponential growth, a way to maximize the value of QR codes and initiate a new era in the field of digital marketing.

In fact, Laser Flyers™ is the result of extensive research and development, honed by marketing experts who want to unite companies and consumers. That approach, which is both smart and effective, is a guide for sustained success. By these criteria, Laser Flyers™ is, indeed, the future of dynamic outreach and greater visibility for brands around the world.

Uniting Consumer Brands and Laser Flyers™: The Global Power of Social Media and Facebook

Consumer brands need Laser Flyers™ because, to state the issue frankly, conventional marketing techniques are too costly and unproductive. The status quo has an inherent bias in favor of big campaigns, which rely on TV commercials (see the spectacle of Super Bowl Sunday), radio advertisements, billboards, sponsorships, flyers, inserts, and other sundry options. The problem is that, aside from the expense, these campaigns are not a good way to target and penetrate a specific audience.

In contrast, Laser Flyers™ is a transformative solution, which enables Facebook friends to enhance the value of QR codes and social media in general. In this situation, each Facebook “Like” (for a particular company, product, or service) is the chief means to jump-start a viral marketing campaign and exponentially expand a consumer brand’s reach and credibility.

Laser Flyers™ is, by these standards, a winner. Period. More to the point, Laser Flyers™ represents a better – and more effective – way to engage the very people who can propel a brand to new heights, thanks to the convenience of social media and the union between QR codes and Facebook.


The New World of Mobile Marketing and Laser Flyers™ Instant Information and Enhanced Influence


Mobile marketers are great sources of information, professionals who have the proverbial pulse of the marketplace. Empowering these individuals (and the clients they serve) is a priority: one that should incorporate the union between QR codes and social media. Laser Flyers™ is the catalyst for that phenomenon, where consumers – the very people who can propel a brand to “go viral” and achieve global significance – can enhance the influence of Facebook “Likes” for the benefit of their respective friends and colleagues.


Laser Flyers™ is itself the result of extensive research and development, thanks to the efforts of accomplished experts who make quality and excellence a necessity. Those strengths allow mobile marketers – and business owners in a variety of industries – to more fully engage with their clients, while forgoing the expensive and ineffective use of conventional marketing tactics. This flexibility translates into impressive savings and more immediate response time among consumers, a far cry from the status quo and its dependency on hit-or-miss actions.


These benefits augur a new era in the world of mobile marketing, where the free flow of news and promotions will empower individuals around the globe. Those advantages are cause for celebration and adoption by companies of all interests. Laser Flyers™ is the gateway to this new and exciting opportunity.


Uniting Consumer Brands and Laser Flyers™: The Global Influence of Facebook


Consumer brands need to rethink their use of conventional marketing tactics, expensive options that have a hit-or-miss record among key groups of consumers, journalists, and other relevant parties. The use of these techniques – which include TV blitzes, radio spots, high-end magazine advertisements, corporate sponsorships, and all manner of attempts to build awareness – is neither wise nor effective. Instead, these brands need a way to unite the value of QR marketing codes with the global influence of social media in general and Facebook in particular. Laser Flyers™ accomplishes that goal with ease, affordability, and consistency of results.

In fact, Laser Flyers™ is the result of extensive research and development from top digital marketing experts. As a result, Laser Flyers™ is something new – something better – that is a transformative solution for friends and colleagues who can enhance the value of a Facebook “Like” for any number of issues, causes, or promotions. The opportunity to “go viral” with these advantages is real, creating a new way to highlight the importance of a diverse array of consumer brands.

Laser Flyers™ is a model of excellence, which companies and consumers can adopt. These strengths are part of an exciting era in the field of digital marketing, where transparency and communication are paramount. Let the dialogue on behalf of consumer brands begin!

Mobile Marketing Successes and the Use of Laser Flyers: The Excellence of Innovative Technology


Mobile marketing, as we like to remind readers, is a dynamic enterprise where the latest – and most effective – tactics must be the standard of excellence for a variety of industries. That means mobile marketers should – indeed, they must – embrace the union between QR codes and the power of social media. Laser Flyers™ combines these forces, giving mobile marketers a powerful tool at their disposal – the very means to “go viral” and create a worldwide sensation about featured brands, products, services, and other related issues.

Laser Flyers™ is itself the culmination of extensive research and development, honed by digital marketing experts who appreciate the importance of intelligent engagement with consumers and businesses worldwide. And, thanks to Laser Flyers™, uses can elevate the importance of Facebook “Likes” – enabling friends and colleagues to have global influence about a specific article of discussion. These rewards are real, affordable, sustainable, and far more attractive than conventional marketing techniques.

By these standards, Laser Flyers™ establishes a new bar of achievement for mobile marketers and their compatriots throughout the world. The advantages of this application – think of Laser Flyers™ as a catalyst for exponential growth and increase awareness online – are too significant to ignore. Laser Flyers™ is a must-have resource for mobile marketers, allowing them to succeed and inspire others to do likewise.

Laser Flyers™: Raise your business to its peak by the viral marketing campaigns


Internet marketing has become widespread these days as it adds a lot to enhance the revenue for the business. QR codes are becoming increasingly popular as viral marketing tools these days. Whether it is about creating viral Facebook campaigns or about giving a boost to your database, the quick response codes or the QR codes are second to none. At Laser Flyers™, you can pick your best plan to exaggerate the sales for the business.

The QR code is one of the core components of the Laser Flyers™ campaign. You can have all your queries resolved by the Laser Flyers™ marketing Guru. You can also get and recommendations from the marketing Guru, which favors making your campaign a grand success. The good news is that it is absolutely free of cost.


The QR code counts as one of the most powerful tools in the field of Internet marketing. This raises the online reputation of a business in the web world. Through Laser Flyers, you can have the best QR code, generated in the simplest way. You can acquire easy-to-follow tips from Laser Flyers, thus promoting your business at its peak. Create the custom QR code at Laser Flyers™ with the best marketing tools.


Laser Flyers™: Avail the QR code generators for the viral promotion of the business


Internet marketing has gained much popularity in the last few years. Different companies have affiliated to innovative tools with an eye to elevating the emphasis of the online reputation of the business. The use of quick response codes or QR codes is merging in this context. Whether it is about scanning smartphones or drawing the targeted customers via social media profiles, the performance of these codes is inevitable. They seem to form the major links between social Media and also constitute a stronger email database. Smartphones are a powerful tool as the business can have a prompt connection with the customers. The QR codes can access the different info from the business cards, emails that frame a well-built database. The QR codes help the customers to have information regarding every detail of your product. By scanning the QR codes, every update of the customers about the brand can be shared on social media. To be precise, these codes form a bridge between the business and the customers. Consumers can get to know about the regular updates and recent details regarding the product by scanning these codes. These codes play a symbolic role in raising the social media presence.


The codes can be generated by the use of certain tools known as QR code generators. At Laser Flyers™, we have the most powerful tools to generate QR codes instantly. As the customer scans the Laser Flyers™ code, they receive Mobile Open House and the code by email.  We have different plans for QR code generators. A number of Facebook likes can be availed absolutely free and at the same time, the offers are instantly posted on the customer’s walls. The offers are in turn posted to the walls and news feeds of the friends of the person who scans the offer. In a way, your customers are advertising your brand and this strategy has acquired a grand success in the spotlight of digital marketing. As you pick your plan for Laser Flyers™ codes, you can also choose your own coupon codes. The best part of these transactions is that one transaction can pave the way for millions of transactions by other customers. The codes can also be scanned with smartphones that assist the customers to perform the transactions quickly.

Laser Flyers™: Marketing with a Message


Welcome to the official Laser Flyers™, a platform where we plan to address a variety of issues involving digital marketing; social media, and the many ways businesses can reach their respective consumers. In our opinion, the proliferation of QR codes – which are a mainstay for users of smartphones in Europe, attracting nearly 18 million people to use this technology in an average three-month period – is an opportunity for innovation: a way for businesses to more effectively reach their target consumers and enjoy the viral power of Facebook.


Our future posts will address these points in greater detail. For now, feel free to join the conversation about this exciting topic. We look forward to publishing guest posts from business owners, reporters, columnists, and others who share our commitment to new media and the influence of you, the individual consumer.

Laser Flyers™ QR Codes: The On the Go Marketing Solution


With 492 million smartphone users – and growing around the world, the real-time marketing has become the on-the-go marketing solution, where the best available option is that of Laser Flyers™


Instant Results: As a marketer of a brand or a product, approximately 50% of mobile users around the world are used to getting instant results and updates. Laser Flyers™ provides this instant result. We use QR code technology integrated with our software to create incredible customer satisfaction via real estate listings, coupon promotions, and built-in social media integration.


Most QR codes act as a simple process. Instantly taking the client to the listing, product, website, etc. Laser Flyers™ is very different. We have turbo-charged QR codes. Let me explain:


We don’t create one action to be taken to a website or info video etc., Laser Flyers™ combines scores of actions to deliver something unique and fabulous to your clients. It is an integrated system that delivers key marketing listings, promotions (that you control) for your clients, and great social media exposure.


Here is a quick summary:


* Mobile Websites can be automatically built and easily modified, or build a mobile site from scratch. Mobilize your listing to a single-point QR Code and add content from your Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter account with our RSS widget.

* Automatically include your blog or content from your Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter account with our RSS widget.

* Automatically adds Animated slide shows, image galleries, and video

* Automatically add links to Showcase your offerings via custom images, interactive and animated image galleries.

* Add multiple interactive actions (tap-to-call, tap-to-text, tap-to-email and tap-to-map). Embed YouTube videos.

* Automatically adds Map, directions, geolocation

  • Embedded map based on address or longitude and latitude (with limited Google Maps support)
  • Directions to the business from the visitor’s current location (via GPS or mapping)
  • Geo-location support location.

Device detection – Automatically

  • Optimized for iPhones, Androids, Blackberries, and feature phones.
  • Rich experiences for smartphones and most modern phones, with content still available in a basic form for not-so-smart devices.

* Automatically loads Social and SEO features

* Tell-a-friend and social sharing

* Promote your business with our “Social Buzz” widget for sharing on social networks (Like on Facebook, post on Twitter), and via email.

* On-the-go customers can connect with the business on Twitter, Facebook, Yelp, Google Places, and any other popular social network.

* Optimized for search engines – SEO-friendly mobile structure, ability to add Meta tags, descriptive Page Titles, and SEO-friendly URLs.


How to Make Your QR Code Prominent?


Location – Your QR code generated through Laser Flyers™ have the chance of being missed if you fail to give it an ideal location on your print ads, posters, E-mails, website, point of sale merchandise, etc.


Tip – place the QR code at eye level and within a QR-friendly advertising context. An ideal QR code location would be one that is easily detectable and does not hamper scanning. Place your QR Code on the real estate signpost facing the street.


Give specifics: A coffee shop or retail outlet could have a compelling offer next to the checkout area. A bar/ restaurant may use the Laser Flyers™ offer on the placemats, menu, or tent cards on the bar, table on the outside on a lawn sign.


Remember that the quicker a consumer sees your QR Code the easier it will convert into a sale.


Size – A small meekly laid-out QR Code is equivalent to having none. It will go unseen and ignored by most of the clients, wasting your money and efforts.


Tip – allocate a QR Code size according to the overall size of the marketing collateral. Experts suggest a minimum of 1 x 1-inch print specification. We have made it easy to get this done by providing a single QR code with every mobilized website you create with our system. Simple forward your QR Code with specific dimensions to your printer and you’re done.


We are Different – Laser Flyers™ is unique. We a have patented system that makes it easy for you to create promotions via coupons that are quickly delivered to a smartphone. You create the deal, we do all the hard work, and using our software tie all the information to your unique QR code which you can then use on any media to advertise your promotion.


However, we don’t stop there. We have taken QR technology to a whole new level. We also capture the client’s Phone Number, Text Number, and E-mail name automatically so you can do lots of future marketing to them.


And it gets better! We also provide a seamless way in which to get the client to like your Facebook page and share the information about your promotion on their wall.


Lase Flyers™ takes QR Codes to a completely different level.


Why are Accessible QR Codes more Attractive?


An accessible QR Code is one that is easy to detect, scan and read. You can have it on your brand’s using signposts, lawn signs, newspaper advertisement, and magazine advertisement, in-store promotion, or product packaging.


According to the latest research by ComScore, more than 14 million smartphone users in the United States alone scanned a QR code in June 2012! What this figure represents to you, as a business operator, is a market opportunity that taps consumers who instead of:


Typing a Facebook page address or website address on his smartphone gets attracted towards using a QR Code, that delivers him instant product information or access to much needed special offerings!


Remembering a brand’s web address prefer, like his other fellow smartphone users within the United States, to access QR Codes from home through print and other media and from stores, mainly through the point of sales product displays, billboards, and packaging.


– Collecting data


– Speeding up processes – making life easier – and less work


What is more important is that smartphone operators will soon include QR scanning readers as standard on all phones. The iTunes store already has hundreds of free QR scanners available and the uptake of them is staggering.


Laser Flyers™ becomes even more accessible to a consumer by giving him access to your online presence via coupon to social media integration and via our simple-to-use dashboard, even a newbie can set up their own listing campaign (just like the Large Companies of the world) but with the state of the art technology (QR CODES). You simply fill in the URL, make changes, and click ‘Publish’ and you’re done. You now have your Unique QR Code, which you can post anywhere. (Think) website, Facebook, posters, advertising campaigns, billboards, in-store POS, etc., etc.



Laser Flyers™ Guide to QR Coding


QR codes represent the future and as a new business operator, you might not be familiar with how they can work for you. In brief, QR campaigns are growing in status every day as more people embrace and see huge upside in the technology. The QR Code has been used in Japan since 1994. The system has since become the go-to technology in the west, due to its fast readability and large storage capacity compared to standard UPC barcodes


At Laser Flyers™: the newbie QR Code user is given the most out of the deal through instant online QR Coding education. Essentially its QR code campaign will:


– Make your product or service smartly prominent amongst the growing smartphone user’s market segment


– Capture E-mail addresses from your clients


– Enrich your consumer experience by giving instant and easy access to your product information


– Gain important social media proof by increasing likes on your Facebook page.


– Gratify your consumer through an instantly generated electronic coupon – that provides specials, added value services, etc. that are sent to his smartphone as soon as he scans your product or service’s QR code!


– Add Facebook viral mode to your promotion on autopilot as your client accepts the offer. Which in turn allows his / her friends to also see and scan the offer. Thus continuing the cycle of collecting data.


– Data collection is big business and Laser Flyers™ does it on autopilot.


– This whole process, though seemingly technical, takes less than 3 minutes! All you need to do is to sign up for Laser Flyers™ silver, gold, or platinum package, with a pre-conceived coupon strategy in mind, sit back and enjoy the market returns it brings in form of increased sales and brand recognition!


Click on: LaserFlyers.com for an online product demonstration!


Collecting emails on Autopilot


Laser Flyers™ Auto-Pilot Emails; a hassle-free way to collect customer information


– Mail listings are an online marketing asset for both online and offline business operators. It gives instant connectivity with an actual or potential consumer, giving your business online advertising leverage.


– Thousands of dollars are spent to buy email listings that are built over business websites. However, when it comes to Laser Flyers™, you can expect to get it all from your QR coding marketing budget. No need to spend an extra dollar for the extremely vital customer information.


– Just think: You own a bar or a retail operation. How many of your client’s names and E-mails do you know?


– Well now all you need to do is use Laser Flyers™ to create a compelling campaign (offer) and you can get their details (and have them promote your product without doing a thing). How? Have your customer request the promotion via E-mail.


– You say offer: “Scan here and receive a gift voucher of $50 of your next purchase over $100.”


– Client thinks Awesome and scans. You gain, his data!


How Laser Flyers™ Auto-Pilot Help?


Laser Flyers™ Auto-Pilot collects and stores customer names and email addresses on your behalf. As a business operator you can:


Re-direct your consumer’s response to a QR campaign directly to your AWEBER or MailChimp Email management system.


In either case, you can use this hassle-free easily gotten customer data for future product launches, product testing, and marketing promotion!


First Step Towards Any QR Campaign!


Defining campaign objectivity is no doubt the first step towards any marketing endeavor and the same is true for a QR campaign. The first question that may come into your mind after visiting Laser Flyers™ is how do you use its coupon management system in order to achieve your other business objectives?


That is why experts at Laser Flyers™ strongly suggest you have a clearly laid out campaign objective, prior to triggering a QR campaign with them. Ideally, a coupon based QR campaign can


– Help increase your brand’s overall sales by making it accessible to the client


– Help in increasing smartphone user’s brand engagement on the go


– Help beat competition, which is already using a Laser Flyers™ Campaign


– Help educate consumers through interactive brand experiences and new product trial offers


– Help build on-the-go brand loyalty that also offers the convenience of use irrespective of consumer location.


– Defining these and many other performance objectives can help deliver long-term marketing results for your brand.


Why is Consumer Context Important in QR Campaigns?


Consumer context defines consumer reaction to your QR campaign that indirectly indicates the marketing collateral it should be used into. The consumer context is subject to change with respect to


– Consumer buying behavior


– Consumer demographical growth


Both of the above are interrelated. For example, a change in consumer disposable income brings about a change in consumer buying behavior and vice versa!


According to research, smartphone consumer, who is a man, aged 30-49 or a woman aged between 35-54 years, is the most active mobile device shopper. Linking this demographic context with your end marketing goal will help you achieve maximum brand loyalty, business sales, or brand recognition through Laser Flyers™ For example targeting a managed 30-49 ages, with a QR code would be best done with:

– A corporate magazine print ad


Think ahead and be innovative while placing your Laser Flyers QR Code, for it to be Viral!


Laser Flyers™: An Easier Way To Increase Your Mobile Traffic!


By using Laser Flyers™ you can help build the traffic of your E-commerce store or any bricks or mortar shop. Let’s see how.


Online Traffic Increase:


There are a lots of ways to increase online traffic to your website; however the best way to make money is by finding highly targeted traffic. This is where a Laser Flyers™ campaign; which engages the customer by giving them an incentive offer and therefore builds loyalty is a great method!


The coupon phenomena (think: groupon, deal of the day sites etc.), whether discount or redeemable have always held their own charm amongst consumers and using a QR code makes user experience all the more fun! The hi-tech QR software of Laser Flyers™ enables you to reach client through:


Laser Flyers™ enabled information dashboard stores the client’s name and email addresses on our system before sharing your business coupon.


The database on our system can be downloaded to your E-mail client via a .CSV file.


It can be integrated with Mailchimp or Aweber Database!


Offline Traffic Increase:


For example by using Laser Flyers™ Platinum package your client takes up your “happy hour” or “daily deal” offer through Laser Flyers™ social media integration i.e., by seeing your product incentive on a friend’s wall. The client can use his smart phone to avail the same offer and shares your offer with his friend who in turn shares it with their friends and so on! This constant sharing of coupon offer positively affects your on store business!


Result: Increased online and offline traffic provide growing daily sales!


Simple Tips on Designing a Successful QR Campaign


The speed at which a modern day consumer is getting tech-savvy represents the speed at which your brand should be developing technologically. Through using Laser Flyers™ many previously back stage brands have started taking advantage of the lucrative smart phone market segment! This is how they approach a QR campaign!


Design a Cross Functional Campaign – which includes a 360-degree marketing mix of the QR codes in respective online and offline mediums of brand communication.


Design a Consumer Incentive – which includes “something to look forward” to, in the shape of an exclusive brand experience, customizable service experience or discounted product offer!


Design with Simplicity – which includes following Data matrix, global open standards of QR coding and design as used by Laser Flyers™


Design with User Friendliness – which includes, delivering mobile compatible QR campaigns that can be run on various smart phone devices seamlessly!


And tracking a QR campaign so as to increase its effectiveness through Laser Flyers™ the way to go!


Laser Flyers™ and Effective Marketing: The Rise of Social Media


Our analysis about the power of social media is clear: That businesses must embrace this medium, complemented by a platform that uses existing technology in more effective and innovative ways, hence the power of Laser Flyers™. As our introductory post explains, with a concrete example all entrepreneurs and executives can appreciate, there is an active versus passive way to approach this medium. The passive way, which ignores the power of using our proprietary technology to leverage the existing reach of Facebook, is nothing more than a series of missed opportunities and lost potential revenues. In comparison, our approach – tactics designed to give businesses the leverage of viral, exponential growth and visibility on Facebook – is a blueprint for success. Period.


We believe that these benefits – advantages that apply to all industries – can and will result in greater brand recognition, increased sales and enhanced consumer loyalty for a multitude of businesses, large and small. By that standard, Laser Flyers™ is worthy of your attention and comments. Join us in this conversation, for technology is your ally in this new world of communications and leadership.


Transforming the Use of QR Marketing Codes: Laser Flyers™ and the Future of Social Media


QR codes are a marketing tool, but their efficacy – like everything else – requires innovation and adaptation. Hence the rise of Laser Flyers™, where we combine one proven asset (the popularity of QR codes for a variety of businesses) with another essential resource: social media. Without engaging in self-promotional rhetoric or braggadocio, let us simply say that Laser Flyers™ represents a major milestone – a revolution, in many respects – for companies seeking to make the use of QR codes more participatory, more viral and just plain more effective. Remember: Sites like Facebook are a platform to inform friends about featured businesses and services, a favorite restaurant or bar; a place worthy of increased recognition and patronage.


Think of Laser Flyers™ as the gateway (for businesses) to those advantages: enhanced visibility, online conversations – among current and prospective clients – as well as a quicker way to maximize the power of Facebook. As a campaign goes viral, and there is every indication that such an event can be exponentially powerful, a featured business can soon draw more customers, all through our proprietary technology and reinvention of the purpose of using QR codes in the first place: to engage people.


This form of interactive shopping or discussion must be an integral part of any company’s marketing efforts. With our help, businesses have the chance to reach their target customers, create an online wildfire – for the betterment of everyone – and generate significantly large transactions. By any standard, that’s a model of success.


Laser Flyers™ and the Revolution in Social Media: The New Way to Reach Consumers


By now, social media is more than a temporary phenomenon or a mere blip on the marketing screen of building awareness among consumers. With the global rise of Facebook, to cite the most notable example in this category, social media is a fact of life: people exchange information, befriend one another, post videos, include links to featured sites, issue breaking news, recommend favorite bars, restaurants and hotels – in short, hundreds of millions of people the world over, nearly a billion in total, have something to say on Facebook. Enter QR marketing codes into this equation, and everything changes. More specifically, with Laser Flyers™ businesses have a new way – an effective tool – to make messages assume viral proportions.


Our innovative union between QR codes and social media – something every consumer can use and every business should embrace – has the power to transform this medium: we take an already proven system, and give individuals the opportunity to popularize (through Facebook) the brands they like and the deals they value – all with a simple scan. From there, there is no limit to the exposure a business can generate through our innovative technology. And that’s point: That traditional forms of marketing – from billboards to print ads to radio and TV spots – are often too expensive and imprecise to justify their long-term use or return on investment.


By reading this blog and exploring our website, you will develop an even fuller appreciation for our commitment to bringing consumers and businesses together. That conversation starts here, with facts, testimonials and analysis about this exciting new world.