Design / Logo / Slogan / Mascot / Web & Branded Print Material

A great brand is two things – Successful and Memorable! In order to stand apart from the rest of the competition, you need to look different! Branding is Colour, Style, Design, Vision, Statement, and Understanding your demographic audience. Having a great brand can open many doors in the business world.


It all begins here! Our client’s vision is our mission!

A professionally designed brand comes from the collaboration of the art team and client. Our clients meet with our art director and discuss where the client’s company is currently at and where the client wants to see their company in the future. We stand by our statement “We want all of our clients EXCITED about their new branded look!” so we address these key areas:

  • Vision & Mission vs. current company position
  • Targeting your demographic audience
  • Branding & Corporate Identity – Company Logo, Style & Color Palette
  • Content Writing – Slogans, Key Statements, Professional Ideas
  • Print Material – Business Cards, Billboards, Trade-Show Banners, Packaging, Brochures, Signs
  • Online Design – website, Facebook pages, advertisements
  • Mascots – Characters in both 2D and 3D!

Our Brand Designing Process
Client Consultation » Research & Referencing » Sketching & Conceptualizing » Reflection & Revisions » Presentation, Delivery & Support » Your Brand

Targeting Your Demographics Audience

Understanding who your clients are!

The very foundation of any brand is to target its appeal to the correct audience. Before any creative ideas are even drawn up, our art team researches and targets their ideas to the audience you are selling to. This researching and referencing stage produces a stronger design process that maximizes the visual presentation of your new brand.

Logo Design

How the world identifies you!

In a business world filled with competition, your logo is a recognizable symbol that clients and customers look for, remember, and think of when referring, suggesting, or seeking out your products and services. A logo can be eye-catching, modern, clean, professional, creative, symbolic, and even fun in its design….but it must always be simple, memorable, timeless, versatile, and appropriate. Less is more – an overdrawn logo will always be cluttered and forgettable. Have our art team create your new logo today!

Slogan & Content Writing Service

How the world remembers what you do!

Your slogan, your statement; another piece of the branding architecture. A good slogan is one that is effective, simple, and right to the point by drawing attention to one or more aspects of your product! A great slogan is one that people remember and immediately think of you when they hear it! No time for writing your content? No problem. Ask about our quality content writing services that can clearly communicate to your clients all the information you have that they need to know!

Web Designs & Branded Print Material

How the world is informed about you!

Brand consistency is very important! Your print material should look the same as your online designs so that your clients can easily identify you. From website designs, icons, and Facebook pages to business cards, signs, banners, posters, billboards, and packaging; our art team can transform your visual brand into anything and transfer it onto anything! Maximize your advertising with both web and print material!