Our Lead Capture System


The yard sign is a staple of the real estate industry. It has its purposes…

It’s a great Lead Generator with OUR Lead Capture System, agent branding, and to showcase your properties as being for sale.” 

But what it doesn’t do is drive consumers en mass to get more info about the home. Some do, but the majority of yard signs do not. So why invest more in a product that’s not producing results and showing a downward trend over the past decade?

We just think there’s a more useful and consumer-focused way to implement them.

QR codes can work and help draw attention to your listings and your business. Here’s a list of recommended uses for QR codes:

E-Business Cards – Have a Text / QR code as your Mobile Website profile video that showcases Listings, your work, and experience, or even a community video about the area you serve.

On your website – A lot of major companies use QR codes on their site to promote mobile apps they have developed. A consumer can simply scan the code and be taken to the appropriate place to download the app. While you may not have an app in an app store, if you have a mobile-enabled version of your website or link to your On Location video, which is automatically enabled for mobile viewing, you can send visitors there.

Public venues – Use a QR code Text Lead System as a takeaway adding to your print flyers. Again you can link them to videos, Mobile Real Estate site listings and allow consumers to take your information with them on their mobile devices.

Print Ads – For companies or offices that run print ads in magazines, a Text / QR code could also be useful, but make it an add-on to an ad and not the focal point. Use it as a call to action instead of the main message.

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